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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Videos And Links Added

It's been a long while since I've added anything here to the site and had time to update stuff. It looks like the hopes of news of anything new happening with the band have all but gone, but maybe that's not a bad thing. As it stands now we have a band and vision frozen in time and finished. There's no news of reformations, remasters or anything (that I've seen) so there's nothing there to mess with and mess up those 2 perfect LPs and slew of great EPs we love.

News now focuses on new stuff and info here on the site, and I've added a few bits and bobs - a few links and a new video to the videos section. The video is a personal favourite, it's the official version of Mexico Or Bust, followed by a short mini-movie about our heroes. Well worth a look and it's good to finally see the Mexico or Bust video appear on YouTube. Let's hope it stays there.

In the links section I've added a links to a Facebook New Kingdom community and to the unofficial Facebook music page. Both are worth liking and following if you're a Facebook person. The music page in particular has some nice photos and bits posted there that I've not seen before. It's also followed and occasionally commented on by none other than NatureBoy Jim Kelly, or Nosaj as New Kingdom fans will no doubt prefer to refer to him.

Also, there's some new links pertaining to Scotty Hard. The last we'd heard was of the dreadful accident and hospitalization the artist suffered. It seems Scotty is now back into his music production, and not letting his dreadful injuries keep him from his music. There's a couple of links that will be of note to Scotty Hard fans - first up is an official site which features a comprehensive list of what he's produced and mixed. Scotty Hard dot com features photos and info on the man behind the beats.

The second site is the Scotty Hard Trust, a site set up by Scotty's friends to help raise funds for the artist. You can donate a few quid to help the artist out, or set up regular donations. Given Scotty's financial plight as a result of the horrific accident he was involved in, all donations will be gratefully received.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Kingdom Press Cutting Collection

I was contacted by Chris about his uploaded collection of magazine clippings for New Kingdom, you can view the gallery in all its glory here. The articles are mainly covering the bands Heavy Load period, and include live reviews and interviews, well worth a read.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scott Harding In Hospital Following Crash

Unfortunately, the first real piece of news we have at this site is bad news. Scott Harding has been hospitalised and partially paralysed following a horrific accident when the cab he was in was hit by another vehicle.

As Scott didn't have US health insurance, there's talk of arranging a benefit concert to help with the medical expenses. The crash has left him partially paralysed, but it's reported that he's in good spirits. Friends of Harding who want to drop him a line or get updates on his condition can e-mail or

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Kingdom City Coming At You

From the horse latitudes... Ok, it took longer than expected but we got there in the end. The site is now up and running. We're not expecting any major news, but if you got any New Kingdom stuff to share the contact us with it.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Kingdom City V2

There was some great info on the old site, then out of the blue the site disappeared. Recently I was surfing around and ended up at the domain. It was available to buy so I snapped it up with the aim of putting up a similar site but with a focus on all the band's side projects as well.

Over the coming month I'll be adding content to the site, one page at a time - hoping to make a site that will do the band's musical work justice. There's only this home page for the minute, but more will be added shortly. Stay tuned.

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